Monday, March 10, 2014

Mt. Gox Hiding $600 Million in Bitcoins Hackers Exposed

Mt. Gox, Mt. Gox hacked, Mark Karpeles

Hackers targeted the web accounts of MtGox boss Mark Karpeles. MtGox halted their trading last month and then filed for bankruptcy after they found out that $465m in bitcoins had been stolen through a security bug.

Investors are demanding for more information about the events and why they have lost their bitcoins.

The hackers gained complete control of Mr Karpeles personal blog and Reddit account. They used their access to steal very detailed information about trading activity at MtGox and then share it on the net. It is a 716MB file.

Some of the things that they have exposed are:
  •     More than one million trades in Excel spreadsheet
  •     Entries from MtGox's business ledger
  •     Information about its back-office administration software

The hackers included a message: "It's time that MtGox got the Bitcoin community's wrath instead of Bitcoin community getting Goxed."

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