Thursday, July 31, 2014

Russia sanctions hit Europe stocks Hard

Barack Obama's tougher sanctions on Russia hit Europe stocks Hard as investors are studying the effects of it. Both the U.S. and the European Union agreed to expand sanctions on Russia last Tuesday July 29, 2014 which in my opinion is stupid for the European Union since they will lose a lot. The new sanctions targets Russian energy, defense, and finance sectors.

European Union is now restraining access to financing for state-owned banks in Russia. They will also halt on exporting specific goods and technologies to Russia to make it more difficult to develop oil resources over the longer term.

U.S. Treasury said it will ban American citizens from buying new stocks or bonds from three major Russian financial institutions, that will limit their access to U.S. capital markets. The three banks are Bank of Moscow , Russian Agricultural Bank, and VTB Bank.

What's the end game here? Well, U.S. global domination now they have gas through fracking which has health risks I think they want to take Russia markets too.

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