Sunday, July 19, 2015

Google Stocks Surges, help Nasdaq to close on record high

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Last Friday Google stocks surges by 16% that helps Nasdaq setting a new record high. The 16% sudden increase in Google's publicly traded stock resulted to additional $65.1 billion in shareholder wealth, on paper.

Google's surge came after the search engine company reported quarterly earnings that exceeded analyst estimates for the first time since late 2013. The company's inability to hit the targets that steer investors had raised doubts about Google that had caused its stock to lag the rest of the market since the end of 2013.

Other players, Honeywell global Inc (HON) were up by 1.9% or $2.04 to $105.61. Yahoo, which holds a large stake in Alibaba, increased by 2%. Consumers remained upbeat about employment and wages. The railroad’s gain helped boost the Dow Jones Transportation Average by 0.7 percent.


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