Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Forbes Richest Man in the World 2016: Bill Gates

Bill Gates, Forbes list, Richest man in the world

Bill Gates retains the record of being the richest person in the world for the 3rd year in the row according to Forbes Billionaires list. The Microsoft co-founder bag the top spot as the world's wealthiest businessman by Forbes in their 2016 list of top billionaires. Gates tops with $75bn. It's now his 17 times being on the top spot in 22 years.

This year's list featured 1,810 billionaires across the world. Combined, they have a net worth of nearly $6.5 trillion.

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also reached the top ten for the first time. Zuckerberg is this years biggest gainer, it's his best year earning over $11bn.

Here are the rest of the business moguls rounding the top 10:

    1. Bill Gates, US, $75bn
    2. Amancio Ortega, Spain, $67bn
    3. Warren Buffett, US, $60.8bn
    4. Carlos Slim Helu, Mexico, $50bn
    5. Jeff Bezos, US, $45.2bn
    6. Mark Zuckerberg, US, $44.6bn
    7. Larry Ellison, US, $43.6bn
    8. Michael Bloomberg, US, $40bn
    9. Charles Koch, US, $39.6bn
    10. David Koch, US, $39.6bn

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